Are you secure on Instagram?

Since I’ve been actively on Instagram in the last year, I’ve heard a lot of stories of Instagram pages being hacked or disabled. 
I have learned a lot about security with protecting myself from hackers. You work hard in your page building up followers and creating content, so make sure you are as secure as possible to avoid any types of threats. Here are a few tips to keep your account safe.
1. Change your password every month. I know it’s annoying and tedious but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
2. Don’t have the same email you signed up with for Instagram as the same contact email in your bio or contact button. Having the same email is a tactic that hackers use to steal your page from you.
3. Don’t click on any links that someone sends you if you don’t know them. This is another tactic hackers use to access your page without you knowing it. 
4. Avoid 3rd party websites or apps that require you to enter your password. Your password should only be used for the Instagram app and nothing else. If you want to check stats of your page, use to check your stats or anyone’s else’s for free with no login or password required.
5. Add the two-step authentication feature on your account. You will need to enter a your phone number to link the account. You will get a verification code in your text as well as 5 backup codes to save. Make sure you screenshot or write down those codes, just in case.
What tips do you guys have to keep your page safe? 

Let me know if you have any questions for me.

3 Tips To Build Your Instagram Followers

Hi Peaches! 
I constantly get questions about my Instagram page and how I built a large following of over a million followers in less than a year. I decided to list a few tips on the topic. 

1. Be Engaged with your followers. As a follower, we don’t want to ask a question and be ignored or give your point of view with no response. Reply back to your followers, thank them for their love and support and take the time to like their comment or return a follow. As you increase in followers, it will become difficult to respond to everyone or keep up with all the comments but your followers will appreciate it when you do respond. You can also write in your caption a question that you propose to your following to get more feedback.
2. Collaborate!! Find other accounts that are similar to yours or related in some way and work together to build each other’s pages. You can do shoutouts for each other with same following count. If you’re a creator, then do a collaboration post where you’re both in it and your followers will follow her and vice versa. 
3. Be Consistent! This is the key in everything in life. Think of a reasonable and ideal amount of times you will post each week and stick to it. Your followers will begin the expect a reliable schedule of posting from your account. Going weeks at a time without posting will not engage and keep your followers around long. Your followers are waiting for your new content because they are your fan. It’s okay to take some time off every once in awhile but make sure to get back to a set schedule. 

Let me know what questions you guys have about Instagram and building engagement and followers.

Makeup News | New Releases 

The next two months will be so very exciting new product launches from so many amazing brands. 

Here are my favorites coming out soon. What new releases are you looking forward to these next few months. What will you fill your cart with and what will you pass? 

Too Faced Highlighters 

Part of the new Too Faced collection  three highlighters.

Ray of light

Blinded by the light

 You light up my life 

Coming March 9th!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit 

Palette will launch on Sephora in March

Too Faced Natural Love Pallet & New Melted Shades

The entire Spring collection on March 9th!! 
What new releases are you excited about? Let me know of new products coming out!!


Peachy Queen 


Credit: @makeupworldnews @g_glowbeauty, @giuliamachiaje, @ofraqueen & @makeupworldnews

SiliSponge Thoughts? 

I’m sure everyone by now has seen the SiliSponge or the Silicone beauty blender but who has tried it? And what are your thoughts?

I have had the opportunity to try it from a variety of manufacturers as well as variations of it. I see the potential in it that it doesn’t soak up all the foundation or primer but not sure about the application of it. I felt it was awkward when using it but I may not be used to it and still adore my traditional Beauty Blender. The verdict isn’t out yet but I want to hear your experience with the SiliSponge or Silicone Beauty Blender.


Peachy Queen

MUA Of The Month

Hey Peaches!

I love all you MUA’s out there and we are doing something so exciting! Every month we are going to feature a MUA of the Month on our blog and all of our social media pages. The feature will be an interview along with a feature of your work plus a special gift from me! All you have to do to enter is sign-up for my newsletter and leave your Instagram tag below in the comments. If you know of someone that is perfect for this, leave their Instagram tag below too!

We are currently searching for our February MUA!